St Tropez Full Body Manual Tan


We pride ourselves on tradition and prefer the application, procedure and finish of a manual tan, a full body exfoliation ensures a complete cell renewing process that invigorates and brightens the skin for the tanning process, longer lasting, no patches of dry or over processed colour and a completely flawless tan .... a definite preference for us and our clients... warmed beds, revealing each area so no standing in a cold booth here!

St Tropez works with your own melanin so you will receive a colour that suits your natural tone, the product is reliable, professional with a host of skin benefits to!

  • Contains apricot oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • paraben free
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% natural tanning actives
  • Can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding
Please note: a patch test is advised


Treatment duration: 60 minutes

How to Book your St Tropez Full Body Manual Tan

You can purchase this treatment as a voucher for yourself or as a gift for someone else through our online store. Once you have purchased the voucher, please call us to arrange your appointment.

Read more about our gift vouchers here.

Alternatively, call us to book your appointment today on 0116 2701 801 and pay over the phone or on the day.

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