Biodroga Relaxing Collagen Treatment (Gift Voucher)


The beauty of giving! Order this treatment voucher to treat yourself or someone special.

As we age our skin begins to lose its firmness, facial lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth become deeper and the skin around the neck starts to slacken.
This treatment not only visibly changes the appearance of the skin it is the ultimate relaxation package.

We begin with the The Snug signature scalp and pressure point massage,then a collagen sheet is applied as your mask, this stimulates the skins function and fight against premature Ageing. Skin tone appears more balanced, plumper, firmer and refreshed.

Treatment Time:60 mins

This voucher will be posted on beautiful TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) card using 55% recycled and 100% sustainable paper.
Please note that an appointment still has to be booked to use this voucher.

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