Biodroga Back Exfoliation & Mudd Masque (Gift Voucher)


The beauty of giving! Order this treatment voucher to treat yourself or someone special.

Whether you have a dry or oily back this treatment is designed to lift dead skin cells and detoxify and purify the skin using the unique Mudd Masque.Complete ex-foliation of the back using sea salt followed by a Mudd Masque application, relax on the warming couch whilst the mask does the work.

This treatment can be followed by a back massage for a complete treat for an extra £20 for a 45 minute bliss spa experience.

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes

This voucher will be posted on beautiful TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) card using 55% recycled and 100% sustainable paper.
Please note that an appointment still has to be booked to use this voucher.

Please see for full information on our Gift cards and vouchers!

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